RCGP Rural Forum Officially Launched!

Yesterday the RCGP Rural Forum was officially launched, at the RCGP Conference in Glasgow.

Malcolm Ward presented the background to some of the key aims of the Forum, and Prof Richard Hayes joined us by recorded video from Australia to make some recommendations based on Australian rural practitioners’ experience.  David Hogg explained the GP curriculum – including proposed changes to extend training to five years – and the need for rural input to maintain and promote access to rural careers.

The event was well attended and feedback was positive to move the Forum forward to ensure decent representation of UK’s rural practitioners within the RCGP.

Within the next week, we hope to publish these presentations, as the Forum was able to link-in with the AiT Committee’s pilot scheme to make conference presentations available to those who are unable to attend.

In the meantime, you can keep track of daily conference news via GP’s special conference bulletins.

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