RCGP Rural Forum – where are we now?

It’s been a while since posting anything new on the blog.  However, that’s mainly due to lots of things going on in the background as opposed to nothing to report!  The Rural Forum team have been frantically busy over the last few weeks, after the Forum was successfully launched at the RCGP Conference in November.
I’m just back from our latest meeting in London, and over the next week, we’ll mention some of the many issues discussed.
Let’s start with where we’re going from here.  Thanks to everyone who has signed up to the Forum so far.  We now have over 300 members, and this is steadily growing.  We’ll be contacting you soon to detail how the Forum is going to progress over the next few months, and the many opportunities to get more involved.  Key themes include:
  • setting up a dedicated College administrator for the Forum
  • focussing on colleagues who dispense
  • looking at how access to College eLearning can be enhanced for rural practitioners – both by reducing professional isolation via technology, as well as assessing whether there are difficulties in accessing internet speeds fast enough.
  • exploring better ways of communicating – including teleconferencing and virtual “video” sessions
  • and developing a relevant, useful programme for involvement during 2010.
In the meantime, please feel free to email your stories, comments and feedback to the blog.  We’re hoping to move up a gear to make the blog even more responsive and updated, and we’re always keen for your views, whether a Rural Forum member or not.
And on that last note – if you haven’t signed up yet – find out how by going to http://www.rcgp.org.uk/ruralforum

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