Wellcome Trust: Rural medicine witness seminar

Please note this event has been cancelled.

News just in of a Wellcome Trust event to be held on January 29th 2010 in London…

“Remote and Rural Medicine (RARM) began to emerge as a medical specialty and as a political force in the final decades of the twentieth century.  The problems of delivering primary and secondary care to remote and rural areas have engaged practitioners and medical educators around the world, in developing, re-structuring and developed countries.

This witness seminar, with participants principally, but not exclusively, from the UK and Ireland, will examine, inter alia, some of the historical issues associated with the development of ‘rural medicine’ as a distinct specialty; the provision and maintenance of resources and services nationally and internationally; and how the specialised educational needs of medical students destined for rural practice have been identified and addressed. The meeting will also discuss the evolution and scope of initiatives referred to as ‘Rural and remote’, ‘Community oriented’, ‘Community based’ and ‘Community engaged’ and the concept of ‘Social accountability’ in medical and health professional education.

Professor Roger Strasser, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, is assisting us with the organisation.

Space is limited, so to register please contact Mrs Wendy Kutner. Tel: 020-7679-8106; Fax: 020-7679-8194; E-mail: w.kutner@ucl.ac.uk.

Please note that all meetings are from 2pm to 6pm and will be held on the 6th floor at the Wellcome Trust, Gibbs Building, 215 Euston Road, London NW1.

All earlier published Wellcome Witness Seminar transcripts are freely available online at www.ucl.ac.uk/histmed/ following the links to Publications.”

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