Out of Hours GP Services: The Ongoing Debate

The issue of provision of OOH cover to rural populations has come under particular focus over the last few weeks.  The case of Dr Ubani has added fuel to the debate over OOH care, with calls coming for a radical review of OOH care across the UK.

In Scotland, the situation for residents of Kinloch Rannoch has come to symbolise the difficult challenges in providing high quality health care to particularly remote populations.  Lately, the Scottish Goverment’s Health Committee has held another meeting to look at the issue.  A spread of opinion exists, and I have highlighted some of the articles from different ends of the spectrum here:

RuralGP recently reported on the Scottish Government’s inquiry into provision of health care in remote areas, and a list of all the submissions made is now available.  These submissions further reflect the broad range of opinions held by different stakeholders of service provision.

Food for thought!

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