Highlands to Himalayas

RuralGP has received the following email from Sonia Chery, a GP ST3 trainee in Warwickshire who is looking for help from rural practitioners in an innovative project spanning from the UK to India.

My name is Sonia Chery, I am an ST3 in Warwickshire and spent last year working in a rural hospital in Uttaranchal, India as a member of Chintan International Trust (www.chitaninternational.org ).

Chintan International Trustis a UK registered charity (1133345) working in the Himalayas. We are organising the Highlands to Himalayas Journey starting in August 2010 and we are looking for interest, volunteers and people who would like to share their experience working in rural or expedition medicine.

Our main objectives are:

  1. To have functional mobile clinic set up in Himalayas by Oct 2011
  2. To establish links between this mobile clinic and secondary and tertiary care by creating workable care pathways
  3. To create an International Virtual Hospital to enable health care workers to support each other and to link to specialists worldwide

The H2H journey will help us achieve these objectives by:

  • Learning first hand from GPs and health workers who have experience in medicine in rural and remote areas in different cultural settings, and creating long term links with them
  • Learning about models of training for remote rescue workers, including doctors, mountain rescuers, police etc…
  • Using the experience gained on the way to develop new models for the Himalayas
  • Increasing interest for our volunteer base both for the journey and for the clinics in the Himalayas

We would welcome opportunities to meet with GPs and other health professionals in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland en route before late August 2010.

If possible we would like to meet members of the local community through talks e.g. schools, GP practices, mountain rescue centres etc.  We would also value a chance to talk to or be in email contact with people who would like to share their experience, and who would be interested in participating in the International Virtual Hospital

If you would like to help in ANY way please see this website for further details: www.chintaninternational.org

One Response to Highlands to Himalayas

  1. Bipin Kumar January 2, 2011 at 9:23 pm #

    Hello Sonia,

    It is surprsing to learn about your endeavours in Uttarakhand. I am based in Dehra Dun district itself, around 35 Km away from Dehradun.

    Where exactly do your NGO work?