Invitational Forum in Rural Health 2010

14 – 15th May 2010, Majorca

The European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association, EURIPA, is hosting a European Invitational Forum in Rural Health, which will bring important rural stakeholders together from across Europe in order to share ideas and good practice and develop a pan-European Rural Health Strategy for the 21st century.

Rural GPs often work at the periphery of health care systems. Evidence shows that they take on a wider range of activities as part of their everyday work.  Peripherality means that patients and professionals may have difficulty engaging with secondary and tertiary care leading to problems of access, isolation and disenfranchisement. Significant threats exist for rural communities and rural health care and there needs to be a strategy to cope with them.

The Forum’s aims will include:

  • Development of a Rural Health Strategy for Europe
  • Forge links across Europe between rural practitioners, academic departments, academicians and national colleges and associations
  • Create networks
  • Share good practice
  • Extend the scope and influence of EURIPA
  • Identify key individuals and groups who are not yet involved with European rural health
  • Develop links with other rural health organisations e.g. IAAMRH etc
  • Learn from experiences outside Europe

The meeting will explore 4 central themes mirroring those of WONCA Europe:

  • Research
  • Education and training
  • Quality in practice
  • Engagement in the policy process

EURIPA’s aim is to keep the size of the Forum manageable as this will make it a cohesive event able to reach decisions. It will be a European event and EURIPA is hoping for delegates from across the continent by inviting 2-3 key individuals from each country.

More information is available on the website If you are interested in attending please email the Organising Committee at to confirm your intention to come to Majorca.

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