New: the RuralGP Network

The RuralGP Network ceased to exist in February 2015. Other options are available, including the RGPAS chatline.

From today you can join the new RuralGP Network, a mailing list designed to bring together rural GPs in the UK and beyond.  Click on this link to sign up (and note that you don’t need a GoogleMail account):

This new group will take over the function of the Yahoo Group – members of this have already been invited directly to join the Network.

In case there is confusion about what now exists, here’s a quick guide:

RuralGP Network: Google group for all rural GPs and trainees in the UK and beyond.

RuralTrainee Network: Google group specifically aimed at trainees and trainers in rural practice.

RCGP Rural Forum: initiative of the RCGP which is entirely separate to the above.  There are various membership benefits and you need to be a member/AiT of the RCGP to join.

“RCGP Rural Group” (Yahoo Group): no longer functioning

Questions?  Please get in touch.


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