RCGP Rural Forum: Final Call for Steering Group Election

You are invited to put your name forward for election to the Rural Forum Steering group. The election shall provide for representatives from across the UK as follows:  4 for England, 1 for Northern Ireland, 2 for Scotland and 2 for Wales. The election process will be as follows:

  • Prospective candidates should be (or apply to become) a member of the RCGP Rural Forum, and provide a brief resume of no more than 100 words about themselves and why they think they should be elected . Submissions must be received by Monday 21.9.10 and to be sent to plythgoe@rcgp.org.uk
  • Voting will be on a national basis as outlined above i.e. candidates are invited to submit themselves according to the nation in which they work or the nation that they have a particular interest in.
  • Each Forum member will be entitled to take part in the voting for the nation in which they work or have a particular interest in : to cast one vote per candidate for up to 4 candidates for the 4 seats for England, 2 candidates for the 2 seats for Scotland  and Wales and for one candidate for the one Northern Ireland seat. The proportions of national seats were agreed on the basis of approximate rural population size.
  • Voting will be on a first past the post basis.
  • Votes will be cast electronically via survey monkey.
  • The election results will be announced at the Rural Forum AGM to be held during the RCGP annual conference.

The Steering Group has two face to face meetings per year and skype or BT teleconferences as needed throughout the year. Group members keep in constant email contact to progress the Forum agenda. Members can view some of the Groups activity over the past year by following this link to the Rural Forum section of the RCGP website http://www.rcgp.org.uk/ruralforum

There will continue to be 5 co-opted seats on the Steering Group by invitation:

One each for AiTs, First 5s, the GPC, the Dispensing Doctors’ Association and the Institute of Rural Health.

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