Launched today: RuralGP@Hospital

Today RuralGP launches an email group specifically targeted at rural GPs working in community hospitals:


Providing cover to community and rural hospitals is something that many rural GPs have done since general practice began.  A plethora of models has developed, each tailored to their local community’s needs and ranging from small units for convalescence, to large diagnostic facilities capable of advanced medical care.

The aim of RuralGP@Hospital is to allow good practice to be shared and specific challenges to be considered by a forum of similarly-minded GPs.  With revalidation set to begin soon, and the inevitable focus that this will bring on accredited clinical governance, we hope that this network will help to ensure that rural hospital GPs have access to a responsive source of advice.  Similar challenges are being faced by our international colleagues, such as in New Zealand, and it is hoped that they will join in the advice and debate.

It’s free to join, and easy to sign-up.  As it’s email based, you can easily set up a filter if your inbox is already bulging.  We’ll run this as a pilot over the next 6 months, and continue it indefinitely if it proves to be useful.  We have sought advice from organisations including the Scottish Association for Community Hospitals, who agree that this could prove to be useful resource.

To subscribe, enter your email address here, or visit the group’s pages:

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