Time to Care: RCGP reports on Rural Deprivation

RCGP Scotland has just released its report Time to Care – which aims to be a pragmatic contribution to the efforts in improving healthcare to Scotland’s most deprived areas, including rural areas.

The following explanation, taken from the Foreword, outlines why the report is not to be seen as “yet another” document outlining the already-knowns in health & deprivation…

“At the outset, the working group made three decisions. First, given the plethora of reports on inequalities in health, collating research evidence, there was no need to produce another report of this type. Second, the report would not comprise a “toolkit” for general practitioners, implying that others know the answers and general practitioners simply need to implement the solutions.

Third, the working group would engage with general practitioners working in the most deprived areas, capture their experience and views, and communicate these findings to others.  This would focus on the 100 practices serving the most deprived communities in Scotland (which we named the ‘Top 100’ practices) but would also include general practitioners working in remote and rural areas out-with the Top 100 as there are many people living in pockets of severe deprivation which are not large enough to register within analyses of deprivation based on datazones. We also commissioned a short review of the literature on the challenges faced by these communities (Chapter 4).”

The report is available from the RCGP Scotland website.

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