June 2011 update

Latest update on the work of the Dewar Group just in…

Dewar Group Membership List

Dr Jim Douglas – Chair
Dr Graeme Walker – North of Scotland RCGP Faculty
Dr Iain McNicol – Remote Practitioners Association
Dr John Gillies – Chair RCGP, Scottish Council
Dr Anne Marie Tindley – Glasgow Caledonian University (Welcome Trust)
Patricia Whatley – University of Dundee, PhD on Dewar
Mr Jim Leslie – Community Hospital Historial
Dr Alan Fraser – North East Faculty, RCGP Rep
Dr Steve Macabe – Skye GP & BMA
Dr Miles Mack – Dingwall GP & Medial theme
Professor Richard Collacott – University Highlands & Islands, Stornoway GP & Publications theme
Ms Fiona Fraser – NES Remote & Rural Health Educational Alliance (RRHEAL)
Ms Pam Nichol – NES Remote & Rural Health Education Alliance ( RRHEAL)
Dr David Murray – Lochcarron GP
Dr Peter Grant – Grantown upon Spey GP
Dr Ken Proctor – Director of Primary Care, NHS Highland

The video meeting agreed on the need for a midwifery rep. Jim D to approach Helen Bryers and Sarah MacLeod to invite them.
Pam Nichol explained the Remote and Rural Health Care Educational Alliance ( RRHEAL)and its purpose within NHS Education ( NES) to network and quality assure education for remote and rural nurses , doctors and AHPs.
We agreed there was shared agenda and welcomed the RRHEAL input to the group.
We discussed RCGP faculty video funding budget was being stretched and RRHEAL would be able to sponsor day time meetings of the group on video.

This update follows the videos and emails recently.

Inverness Conference

This was discussed at RCGP faculty video as well. Broad agreement to go for a Dewar day following the RCGP study day in May 2012 and perhaps followed by a social event. Maybe at the Drumossie or at the Centre for Health Science.
Pam Nicol to find out Centre for Health Science Capacity and costing relative to Drumossie with accommodation packages.
The possibility of a joint launch event with the proposed rural clinical school project as a Dewar legacy remains under discussion and decisions from that University / NES grouping.
Whatever happens the RCGP faculty are going for “ A Spring Meeting” around Dewar. Graeme Walker as lead.
We also discussed at RCGP a Dewar theme to a Highland Medical Society evening in Inverness.
Any invitation to come via Graeme and “we“ would respond with a speaker or two or three. An opportunity to test our ideas on a local audience.

Information Swap

Alistair Munro has an excellent black and white photograph of the Dewar Committee which came from the Royal Northern Hospital.

Dewar was the Liberal MP for Inverness-shire. Miles was tracking down more detail on the civil servant who wrote the report. He was a Mr Beaton and Miles has spoken to his grandson who lives on Syke and has given Miles a copy of “The photograph” and annotations.

RCGP UK Conference, Glasgow 2012

The North of Scotland Faculty submission has to be presented to Scottish Council for their endorsement and onward representations to the RCGP organising committee. Graeme Walker to speak at the Scottish Council on behalf of the group. Known support from Steve Macabe and Neil Arnott, John Gillies as Chair very supportive.

This year’s annual RCGP conference is in Liverpool and Sir Lewis Ritchie speaking on rural health. He has been contacted to be aware of our Dewar plans and to request for a mention in his primary address this year.
The proposal document for RCGP London needs rejigged to recognise RCGP 60 years.

We also need to keep the modern agenda of inner city inequalities “ In at the deep end “ on board.Jim Douglas to explain our intent to Graham Watt. Jim feels Graham is “doing a Dewar” with his Glasgow project and we are fellow travellers and not competitors. Indeed he can reflect back to Dewar politically in 2012.
Graeme Walker to speak to Graham Watt at Scottish Council on 11 6 11.

Edinburgh Conference at Royal College of Physicians, ( Jim )

Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh Journal is the main place for Scottish historical articles. An informal discussion has already taken place between Neil Dewhurst, their President, and Jim Douglas on the potential for an Edinburgh event in their 2012 calendar which might attract some political and academic interest around Edinburgh.
Annie Tindley has a contact at RCPE Dr Gail Davies on medical history. Jim to follow this up eventually!

Ballachulish Conference – Saturday 10th September 2011

Dr Anne Marie Tindley is leading an historical conference on Dr Lachlan Grant and the social history of the slate quarry and their medical support. This would be an important meeting for the Dewar Group members to support and meet Anne Marie.
Jim has contacted local GP Dr Morag Calder and agreed intention for photographs. Peer Grant has suggested capturing the modern team to contrast 2012 with 1912. We could also develop narratives from GP , nurse , midwife, elderly community care worker , paramedics around the photo around what they do and why they do it in 2012 ( mini Dewar) for the website and or making points at conferences. This group and or individual photo would be taken on the Saturday morning of the Lachlan Grant meeting.
We also want to capture our 2011 Dewar group in sepia and colour around a table. We might need to think through dress codes (e.g. collar and tie for the modern men and Annie with a fur collar perhaps) and who should start growing a moustache (not me as you would need to be bald as well) in preparation. Further discussion needed. Anyway we need as many of the group as can manage on the day.
Annie cant give us Welcome trust funding (yet) , so we need to ask Ken Proctor if NHS H want some publicity photos and would pay for some new ones! If not we can ask Iain MacNicol for his fund to help pay a photographer. Jim D knows a good local person who would understand the project.

Publications (Dick Collacott)

Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh Journal

All above agreed as target medical publications with hopes for co-authorship with historical and medical authors. Dick has been in contact with the BJGP editor and we need to start drafting some editorials.

John MacLeod, the author, is searching for a publisher for a potential book on Dewar.
Jim Douglas to follow up Alec Logan BJGP contact.
We need to start writing papers!!!!

Jim has heard that a GP rural fellow has been doing a Dewar project in Orkney and will make contact. This would be very powerful for conferences and meetings ….the next generation inspired etc.

Media (Miles Mack)

Miles has been doing a lot of work in the background with various media contacts in the hope of getting some TV coverage.

Miles continues to update the wikidpedia site.

Miles is exploring the potential of a searchable copy of the complete Dewar Report as an open resource.
Various BBC Alba bids have been submitted and decisions awaited.

Road shows (Iain McNicol)

Iain explained the keen interest of local historical societies on topics such as Dewar and we were all encouraged to contact our local historical societies and offer a presentation. Miles agreed to construct a series of power point slides which could be a generic spine, factual information and photographs to support any local presentations.
Miles is speaking at Dingwall Historical Society in Novemeber and Iain the Appin Historical Society in Jan (clearly the Appin murder has been solved now and they want a new topic! )
We discussed the idea of a roadshow exhibition for village halls and museums. This could be part of the Wellcome bid to show community engagement.

Dewar Website (Graeme Walker)

Graeme has constructed an excellent website and there was an agreement to purchase a domain name with funding from the RCGP faculty. The options regarding pointing to another existing NHS resource such as the RHEAL Group were discussed and we need to continue to develop content and material for the website.
We agreed to continue with our own website and have links in order to avoid organisational templates and control.
Annie mentioned the University of Strathclyde medical /social history website and a link would be helpful.

Historical Archive: ( Steve /Miles /Ken)

The group has on several occasions discussed the need for a permanent historical achieve of Dewar and wider medical history / equipment. A recent collection from Migdale Hospital on Skye has to be “ saved” and then a permanent home found in a museum.

Options so far discussed include national collections / local collections /museums. The balance of public interest or professional /health student interest needs to be struck ie aim to have the collection in a public museum eg Highland Folk Museum / West Highland Museum
It was agreed that any collection of medical artefacts should be properly archived and displayed to the public.
Annie has offered to look at the collection as a historian and give a view. It is currently taking up Miles shed!!

Project Funding:

Dr Annie Tindley has recommended an application to the Welcome trust for all our ideas as a bid. She will draft a proposal for us and members of the funding committee will be at the Lachlan Grant meeting.
These bodies are always strong on governance ( ie Glasgow Caledonian hosting and being accountable ) and community involvement and professional engagement.
We think we have a strong case at various levels on Dewar.
I think it would be good to put ourselves on a sound footing for this side of the project. Our own RCGP conferences don’t need particular funding if they are part of something else but we need to have some basis for booking venues etc. on the purely historical aspects.

Next Meeting:

10 September Dr Lachlan Grant meeting Ballahulish (Welcome Trust)

Annie has offered to let us use the Lachlan Grant meeting as an opportunity for our group to meet as a workshop following the historical papers at the start of the meeting. Bring your best Edwardian expression for the group photo.

Jim Douglas, Dewar Group chair.

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