Clinical Skills – recommendations from NES

nesmcnNHS Education for Scotland operates a Managed Educational Network, which incorporates the mobile Clinical Skills Unit.  The unit offers an advanced simulation resource for rural areas in Scotland, and they have just published a report which aims to develop simulation and other clinical skills facilities across Scotland.

The report makes the point that national strategy and resource needs to be matched with local implementation, with each area’s needs being met flexibly.

The following key recommendations are made:

  1. Reconfigure education and training in each health board region to link safe skill practice development with service organisation and workforce development
  2. Embed use of simulation to develop high quality as norm of practice
  3. Capture examples of good skills practice for dissemination through the CS MEN
  4. Provide evidence of completion of a QA self‐reporting process for clinical skills education as statutory requirement by health boards to promote flexibility of movement of staff
  5. Establish clear leads for clinical skills and patient safety education from health board executive level to ward level

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