Helicopter Safety

Courtesy of defenceimages.mod.uk.

For anyone who is likely to come across a search and rescue helicopter, this comprehensive guide may be of interest.  Just published by Duncan Tripp, winchman/paramedic with RAF Lossiemouth, it offers advice and information about many relevant aspects of helicopter search and rescue – from BASICS Responders who may require casualty evacuation, to mountain rescue teams needing search assistance.

The 31 page document describes considerations for approaching helicopters (which of course is generally don’t, until the pilot indicates that it is safe), emergency ditching procedures and functions of the search tools on board.  There is also a guide on winching people, dogs and stretchers, and the command/control structure that develops for aircraft during a major incident.

You can download the document (PDF, 9.5MB) from the link below.

Click to download the guide (PDF).


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