So how many visits is getting? has been going from strength to strength as a recognised resource by rural GPs for rural GPs.  It aims to highlight some of the key stories and events of interest to rural practitioners across the UK and beyond.  Being consistently in the top results for a Google Search of “rural gp”, “rural practice”, “remote and rural” and “rural medicine”, it has an ever-increasing chance of being visited by students, trainees and current rural GPs seeking opportunities for work and networking.

How do we know if we’re getting it right?

One resource is the statistics machine that sits in the background, monitoring website activity.  Despite picking up some automatic searches by robots, the figures for the site show an increasing trend of activity.  RuralGP is attracting over 150 visits per day, equating to 5000+ visits per month.  We can see that the site is visited via links from external sites, and monitor the difference that articles such as this one in Pulse make to our viewing rate.

Remember, is a free resource, run voluntarily and open to any offers of articles or editorship.  In addition, we are happy to feature:

  • your job advert, free of charge
  • local service design, that may be of interest to other rural practitioners
  • training issues, or advice for future rural GPs
  • links to useful videos, podcasts and stories
  • your ideas to make the site more relevant, accurate and engaging
The latest statistics are displayed in the images below.  Note that May is incomplete data – based on 4 days of data.


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