Update: Tranexamic Acid in Children

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health have recently published an Evidence Statement, regarding the use of tranexamic acid (TXA) in children who have suffered traumatic injuries. The guidance recognises the strong evidence for the use of TXA in the context of trauma in adults.  However, a degree of caution needs to be exercised in the extrapolation of this to the treatment of paediatric injuries.

The following key points have been stated in the guidance:

  • Tranexamic acid reduces mortality in adult trauma
  • Early administration is vital for efficacy
  • Due to the lack of published data on the use of tranexamic acid in paediatric patients who have undergone major trauma there is no evidence for a specific dose in this situation
  • The RCPCH and NPPG Medicines Committee recommend a pragmatic dosage schedule – 15mg/kg tranexamic acid loading dose (max 1g) over 10 minutes followed by 2mg/kg per hour

RCPCHThe full guidance can be downloaded here from the RCPCH website.






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