Vacancy: Whalsay, Shetland – GP Associate


This is the view from my surgery window.  It could be the view from yours…

Wilf Treasure


Whalsay needs a second doctor. If like many doctors who choose general practice you want variety, continuity of care and work-leisure balance you could be this doctor.

You’ll find variety: you’ll be dealing with acute problems, chronic disease, prevention, emergencies, minor injuries, minor surgery, long-acting reversible contraception, healthcare service delivery, dispensing, audit, protocol development and a wonderful team. You’ll find continuity of care: quickly you’ll become familiar with individuals, families and a community first-hand on a daily basis on Whalsay and through the resident nurse on Out Skerries. You’ll find a good work-leisure balance: the acute work-load involves 10-25 face-to-face consultations in the surgery or at home on 5-6 days a week, telephone consultations often regarding test results, about one out-of-ours consultation a day, and a rare consultation at night; while you’re on leave your time’s your own.

Currently there’s a post for 35 weeks a year held by Wilf Treasure and another post for 17 weeks a year which is vacant, the work being done by a series of locums. You’re welcome to apply for the 17-week post. If you want more than 17 weeks’ work you might well find other vacancies in Shetland: Whalsay HC and NHS Shetland would help facilitate this. You might want to work fewer than 17 weeks a year; you might want to plan for the long-term or just the short-term; you might want to try it out and see how it goes; and in years to come when Wilf reduces his hours or retires you might want to consider the 35-week post. What matters is that you’re an enthusiastic, energetic doctor, committed to providing high-quality care – and learning how to do that better.

If you’re interested please get in touch for an informal chat with Christine Eunson, the practice manager, or with Wilf Treasure by telephone, e-mail, social media or letter using the following contact details:

Whalsay Health Centre, Symbister, Whalsay ZE2 9AE; 01806-566219

To apply please respond to the NHS Shetland advertisement.


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