BASICS Scotland videos now available

BASICSlogoIn an exciting move for the organisation, BASICS Scotland have released the first batch of online video-tutorials, to cover a wide range of pre-hospital care training.

A significant amount of time and investment has been made into these videos, which can be accessed by any members of BASICS Scotland at no additional charge.

Currently, the following topics are available:

  • Airway – Cricothyroidotomy
  • ALS – Shockable
  • Chest Assessment
  • 2 Person Helmet Removal
  • 2 Person Log Roll
  • Introduction to the Sandpiper Bag
  • Full Patient Assessment (stable patient)
  • Airwave Refresher
  • IO Vascular Access

And further videos are due to follow on topics such as C-spine collar fitting, scoop stretchers/vacuum mattress use, and Sam sling application.

They do not seek to replace the ever-popular residential courses, but will be a welcome source of teaching material for responders around the time of the courses, or for refresher training afterwards.

For more information, visit the BASICS Scotland website.  You can find out more about BASICS Scotland membership by visiting the ‘Members’ tab.

See a sample video below… Graeme Ramage introducing the ever-popular Sandpiper Bag, which is issued to all BASICS Scotland responders…



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