‘From Cart to Air Ambulance’


Papers from a conference celebrating 100 years of healthcare in Skye & Lochalsh

Skye & Lochalsh Archive Centre have come up with this fantastic collection of papers which document the history of healthcare in their local area.  Against the backdrop of the 1912 Dewar Report, they have collected an insightful range of anecdotes, figures, stories and analysis of the healthcare situation over the last one hundred years.

Chapters include:

  • Dewar and the Highland Hospitals
  • Highland Medicine before and after Dewar
  • The Gesto Collection: Dr Lachlan Grant and some Predecessors at Edinbane

Even better, is that this resource is available for free download, and the Dewar Group would highly recommend a look.

Congratulations to the Archive Centre for coming up with such an interesting piece of work.

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