Vacancy – Isle of Mull, Scotland (Partner)

PENTAX ImageA vacancy will arise in Salen in September 2014 for a GP when Dr Shirley Haunschmidt is retiring at the end of August. At the moment Dr Haunschmidt works four days a week and Dr Teunisse three days. On top of this are, on average, one night on call per week and a weekend on call per four weeks. The on calls are shared with the Tobermory practice, in the North of the island. The working days are from 8am till 6pm, when the duty doctor takes over.

Dr Haunschmidt and Dr Teunisse, or Dr Shirley and Dr Frank as they are called by most patients, are both proud to be real rural GPs. They both have a longstanding experience of working on islands in Scotland and they have both spent a big part of their working lives working as single handed GPs, being on call 24/7.

Please note that the hours are up for negotiation as I would be happy to work more and go for a 50/50 job share or do the four days a week and let you do my three days a week.  Of course drawings will be relative to work.

This is a part-time job. You will be working Monday to Thursday and have your half day on the Tuesday. The Monday has a late surgery until 18.30. At present we have mainly open surgeries with no appointments; any patient that arrives between 9 and 10 and 16.30 and 17.30 will be seen. But surgeries are quiet and you will have 10 -15 minutes per patient and more if needed. Patients are happy to wait, because they know they will be given time as well if needed. There are appointment surgeries on the Wednesday afternoon for me and Thursday afternoon for the new doctor. I would not mind considering more appointment surgeries.

The work involves the full breadth of rural practice with surgeries, home visits, palliative care, minor surgery etc. We do have the service of a health visitor for immunisations and children’s checks and there are visiting midwives for our pregnant patients. Nevertheless in both areas our services are often required, due to not having resident health visitors and midwives.

For more details – visit the Salen Surgery website.

Closing Date:

Please apply by email or letter to Dr Frank Teunisse, Salen Surgery, Pier Road, Salen, Isle of Mull, PA72 6JL, or email  The closing date for applications is 30/04/14. For further information you can phone me at home, preferably between 20.00 and 22.00. Telephone number: 01680 812 273.

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