Clinical Skills Unit Update


The tardis that is the mobile skills unit!

Clinical simulation – both for procedures and for developing non-technical skills, is an increasingly important part of medical education, and continuing professional development.

Skills labs are commonplace in Scotland’s larger hospitals, with resuscitation teams well placed to open up simulation training to all levels of healthcare worker.

However, in rural areas, access to simulation equipment can be more tricky to organise… which is why for several years the Mobile Clinical Skills Unit has been operating.

Overseen by the NES Clinical Skills Managed Educational Network the mobile skills unit provides a cutting-edge facility that can be driven to literally any part of Scotland.  The unit comes with SimMan, SimBaby and a variety of other simulation equipment, as well as a purpose-built simulation area including a SMOTS Video Analysis facility.

A typical simulation workshop inside the unit.

A typical simulation workshop inside the unit.

We had the unit over to Arran in 2011, for which you can read an evaluation report here.  Since then the unit has visited many other areas of Scotland, and the team behind the unit remain keen for rural and remote areas to request a visit for their own training.  Outreach teams from the Emergency Medical Retrieval ServicePaediatric Transfer Services and BASICS Scotland are often able to assist with training, and link in well with local resuscitation team workshops.

You can read the latest CSMEN newsletter here, or visit their website for further information.  They’re a friendly bunch, so if you have an idea about how the unit could be used in your area, give them a ring to find out more.

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