Vacancy: Alderney (Channel Islands) – GP

A vacancy has arisen for a salaried partner/associate or regular locum in Alderney

IMG_8952 The Eagle Medical Practice is a small private practice on the Island of Alderney, the third largest island in the Channel Islands. This small island has two private medical practices and a 20 bedded hospital.  The practice is run by Dr Rory Lyons and a part-time salaried partner. There is a fixed quota of four GPs permitted to work on Alderney.

GPs working on the island must be entitled to register as a GP in the UK.  This requires MRCGP or Recognised GP Training.

Alderney is situated close to Normandy and is both outside the UK and the EU. All GP services are run privately and are entirely outside the NHS.   We suggest you have a look at the Alderney website which gives a comprehensive overview of island life:

The practice has approximately 500 private patients, who require about 3000 consultations per year.  Essentially, there is a family atmosphere on this small island as we know the patients well, having built up a strong but workable relationship with the local community.  We see approximately 70-90 patients per week, locums tend to see fewer.  There is a morning surgery which runs from 9-12, very well spaced open access with few appointments, and then a short evening session from 5-6. We tend to follow up patients rather than immediately referring them to Consultants in Guernsey.  Evening and night calls are rare and usually fairly serious.  Emergencies can be sent to Guernsey by plane or lifeboat

IMG_9070Daily life is relaxed and the work is not onerous.  Although Alderney may seem like a back water, the work load is varied and stimulating.  We take on a good deal of responsibility and the management of patients requires the confidence to know when to make a hurried transfer to Guernsey or when patients can be safely managed on Alderney.  ANC is done on the island and mostly carried out by the midwives. Deliveries are done in Guernsey, very occasionally in the Alderney hospital and never at home.  I have not delivered a baby in the 10 years that I have practised on the island. Mothers are encouraged to go to Guernsey for specialist delivery.

The hospital is newly built and is “state of the art”. The GPs look after their own patients in the hospital.  There is an X-ray department with digital transfer for consultant opinion from Guernsey, and regular visits from the Consultants and physiotherapists. There are close links with the Consultants in Guernsey at any time of the day or night and this is an expected pattern of life on this island where everyone helps out if there are difficulties.  We have a nice modern comfortable flat for the locum for which the practice pays.  The flat occupies the top floor of the modern surgery premises in the centre of the island.

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