Book Review: Raby’s Radiology Survival Guide

A while ago we posted a review of the A&E Radiology Survival Course, a stalwart of A&E teaching for some time.  To go with this course (and also for independent reference), there is the A&E Radiology Survival Guide – and the third edition has just been released.  RuralGP was pleased to receive a review copy, and here’s our thoughts below.

3rd Edition - soon to be published

3rd Edition – soon to be published

The ‘Raby guide to radiology’ has become a core reference in A&E departments across the country.  Designed to tell you what not to miss, and develop effective systems to interpret your radiographs, the red book was an excellent source of knowledge to turn to on many a busy shift.  And so it’s great to see the book updated into its current Third Edition, written by Nigel Raby, Laurence Berman and Gerald de Lacey.

What’s changed?  Actually not very much.  A cleaner look, which makes it easier to read page numbers, and to locate particular sections.  The authors realise that it’s thumbed frequently on a typical A&E shift, so it must be quick and easy to use.  There’s some re-ordering of the content: for example paediatric sections are now separate chapters, and the ‘what’s common’ and ‘what not to miss’ are more clearly highlighted.

Of course the guidance has been updated too, and whilst the book focusses on plain radiographs, there’s more helpful guidance about the pros/cons of different imaging modalities, which is helpful.  There’s far less guidance about skull xrays, as these days CT is the image of choice.  And there’s occasional – appropriate – mention of protocols such as the use of metal detectors in children who have swallowed foreign objects.

By purchasing the book, you will also receive access to the online version.  Whilst this will require yet another username/password to remember, it might appeal to folks who want to keep the guidance available without keeping the book nearby.

So… the verdict.  Is it worth buying?  Absolutely yes, if you want to get better at plain film interpretation in the A&E setting.  Is it worth upgrading from the 2nd edition?  Again, yes, as the new edition follows latest guidance, as well as being even easier to use.

Score: 5/5

£27 from Amazon at time of writing.

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