RPAS rebranded: RGPAS for Rural GPs across Scotland

Since 2004 the Remote Practitioners’ Association has represented remote and rural GPs across Scotland.  Prior to that it existed for over 30 years as the Inducement Practitioners’ Association.



However at its 2014 AGM, held during the RPAS annual conference in November, it was decided (with subsequent consensus from its membership) to change to the Rural GPs’ Association of Scotland.  Why?  Well as with its previous name changes, it is important to evolve to reflect the ever changing situation of rural practice in Scotland.  With increased political interest, and galvanised efforts to highlight the challenges and opportunities within rural practice, we have seen increasingly consistent reference made to ‘rural GPs’.

What’s changed?

The core elements remain the same.  Its current members will likely notice little immediate change.  However, we hope to improve engagement and membership benefits for younger rural GPs, as well as a more active involvement of trainees and students who see their future in rural practice.

The definition of rurality and remoteness remain interesting academic points.  However, the core feature of rural practice is being able to deliver an extended range of generalist medical services, in areas which are further away from secondary care.  Over the next few months, we intend to highlight a number of important issues including access to undergraduate rural placements, sharing good clinical practice, and improving the profile of rural practice including on social media.

RuralGP.com will continue to feature articles and news from RGPAS, but there is now a dedicated microsite including details of latest activity, and how to join.  Find it here, at:




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