The Clipperton Project – go on an Adventure!

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EXPEDITION OPPORTUNITIES: Are you a GP who might wish to join a river expedition or an ocean journey in 2015/16? Mexico, Peruvian Amazon, Antarctica, Faroes, Tristan da Cunha & others.

No expeditionary experience needed, but a perpetual positive attitude and a willingness to learn & share knowledge is a must. We work with UK GP’s in rural environments worldwide, with doctors providing support for our expeditionary teams in addition to consulting families and individuals in need in remote areas.

The Clipperton Project journeys are challenging, essential and fabulously rewarding.

Mark Aquilina – General Practitioner, Shetland

Interested parties are encouraged to write to for more information or visit their fantastic website at

The Clipperton Project is pure, undiluted inspiration.

International Institute of Renewable Resources



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