Rural Fellows head to Onich!

Dr Gill Clarke, co-ordinator of the GP Rural Fellowships in Scotland, has filed this report from the Fellows’ recent meet up at Onich (near Fort William)…


Working together in a paediatric trauma case

We have just had the first Rural Fellowship course of the year in Onich. Introductions were slightly disjointed as fellows were arriving from as far away as Arran, Orkney and Islay and true to form the A82 was blocked at Drum necessitating a trip around the South side of Loch Ness for the new Orkney fellow. He seemed to take it in his stride.

A recurrent theme for training for the fellows is paediatric resuscitation skills and so we started the course with just that. Fellows were encouraged to bring their Sandpiper bags along and they were clearly nervous as the drills started in earnest. As usual when presenting in a hotel environment there are things that are a challenge for everyone. Several hotel staff and visitors popped in to shouts of “help, help” and the stags head picture on the wall needed to be moved for the power point presentation.

fellows-2The following day the ambulance crews from Lochaber were invited to join in the training scenarios and also advise on difficult extrications. The day was beautiful as the pictures show and allowed for plenty of discussion on retrieval policies across Scotland and working together as a team in difficult situations. Pam Hardy (consultant in A&E Dr Grays) and Alison Macleod (ex consultant A&E Basildon and now GP training in Highland ) led the training and both commented on the enthusiasm and skills of the fellows.

There are 6 fellows this year with a new fellowship in Islay. 2 of the fellows hail from Ireland and 2 are from Wales. The fellowship scheme is co-ordinated by Gill Clarke and she is happy to field calls if you want to know more about it ( )





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