Confused by social media? Watch this from @AndyNeill

Are you confused/threatened/anxious/reluctant about ‘getting onto social media’?  Nearly-but-not-quite signed up to Twitter?

There are numerous videos, blogs and podcasts available to help explain, encourage and reassure about the pros and cons of social media.  Such is the opportunity in accessing peer-led, peer-reviewed, free and easily accessible CPD, that enthusiasts are easy to find who are keen to get their colleagues and confreres hooked too.

Today, however, I found this presentation by Irish emergency medicine trainee Andy Neill (@AndyNeill if you want to find him on Twitter).  It’s 20 minutes of a quality run-through on the pros and cons of using social media professionally, and lots to reflect on.  It is 2 years old, but that doesn’t change its relevance.

Take a look…

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