New Lifeline courses for volunteer responders

basicsIt is acknowledged that stress and psychological distress is a common reaction to the sorts of incidents that emergency responders encounter in the course of their duties.  This includes volunteer responder teams who have another ‘day job’ but who provide vital emergency services to their communities.

The effect of stress – and the importance of personal resilience – is recognised as an important consideration of overseeing an emergency care system.  So we’re pleased to hear about a new organisation – funded by Scottish and UK Governments from the proceeds of LIBOR fines – that aims to improve awareness of the stresses involved with, and offer a mechanism of support for emergency responders.

Across Scotland there are thousands of people who give emergency assistance to their fellow citizens. They provide a vital service to our communities, but their jobs can be emotionally and physically demanding. The Lifelines Scotland project supports the health and wellbeing of all emergency responders, and provides information for family and friends.

Lifelines Scotland is running a number of courses across Scotland to help teams and leaders support team-members and responders more effectively in dealing with traumatic and difficult events.  BASICS Scotland is one of several organisations who are promoting this initiative, and they are keen to increase awareness of it amongst the responders who they support.

For more information, see the flyer below, or visit the website at


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