Longitudinal Clerkship: Studying Medicine in rural Scotland

Scotland’s first ‘Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship’

In September, seven medical students from the University of Dundee embarked on a totally new adventure – immersing themselves in either the Highlands or Dumfriesshire for their entire 4th Year.

Studying between Dingwall GP and Raigmore Hospital, I hope to provide regular updates throughout our 10-month journey on Scotland’s first ‘Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship’.

A unique insight into primary care…

Four weeks into the new programme and things are well under way…3 days a week in General Practice, meeting patients through parallel consultations is an ideal way to develop clinical, consultation and practical skills. Being located in the practice setting for almost a year provides a unique insight into primary care delivery and our patient population: From visiting patients in their home environment, seeing a pregnant woman from booking to delivery, following the developing neonate & supporting a palliative patient from diagnosis to death. These are some of the many experiences we are already immersed in, that could only really be achieved through a longitudinal placement.

…Seeing the whole picture

From week two I was encountering some patients for the 2nd or 3rd time for review, or in secondary care for admission/referral/further investigations, right to the point of discharge and follow up…seeing the whole picture. There is great satisfaction that comes with being involved in the patient pathway as a whole and building on patient relationships over weeks or months – where they really appreciate seeing a familiar face throughout their journey.

Integrate with the community

Outside of medicine, the L.C provides a great opportunity to integrate with the community through volunteering with schools, youth organisations & third sector groups. Being in the one location for almost a year creates time to explore the abundant social, sporting and leisure freedoms that rural Scotland has to offer.




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