Scottish Women’s Institutes supports the Sandpiper Trust

Many rural GPs across Scotland have in their possession a Sandpiper Bag which represents a unique collaboration between BASICS Scotland – which delivers training in prehospital emergency care to rural clinicians – and the Sandpiper Trust.  The Trust has been in operation for over fifteen years, and has provided over a thousand emergency kit bags to be distributed across rural Scotland and beyond, providing essential equipment to be available to rural responders in providing quality emergency care.  Each bag costs at least £1500, with some responders including those on islands and those who are ‘tracked’ by the ambulance service, receiving more than £4000 worth of quality kit.

To mark the centenary of the SWI, they have chosen the Sandpiper Trust to be their charity of the year.  This generous moves will help raise the funds required to keep the Sandpiper Trust able to support rural clinicians in this way.

At the RGPAS conference in November 2016, Aly Dickson, co-founder of the Trust, provided the following video message as he couldn’t attend in person due to being on holiday.  He explains more about the background to the Trust, and their dedication to supporting rural clinicians in Scotland…

David Hogg was invited to attend the SWI conference in November, but was unable to take time away from clinical duties.  However, he did prepare this short video message to the group to acknowledge this generous fundraising, and to give a perspective from a current clinician and active Sandpiper BASICS responder…

As ever, the Sandpiper Trust is extremely keen to receive feedback from responders about their involvement in supporting the Scottish Ambulance Service in responding to rural emergencies.  You can contact the Sandpiper Trust team at:

New tins and buckets are now available from the Sandpiper Trust to keep in your surgery to encourage local fundraising. For more information, see this page on their website.


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