New: Historical Perspectives on Rural Medicine

A key new text reflecting the development of rural practice over the last century, has just been published by the Wellcome Witnesses to Contemporary Medicine series.

Introduced by Professor Geoffrey Hudson, this volume comprises edited transcripts of two Witness Seminars held in 2010 and 2015 on the history and development of rural medicine. Participants in London and others world-wide contributing via video link, addressed the development of the curriculum for teaching rural and remote medicine; the importance of community involvement; and the growth of national and international networks and organizations. Discussion also included: the impact of specialization; professional identity and status; the relationship to other health professions; technological developments; and the challenges of isolation.

The collection of evidence for the series included input from UK rural GPs Jim Douglas, Gordon Baird, John Wynn-Jones, Iain McNicol, Jim Cox and David Hogg.  International stalwarts included Bruce Chater, Roger Strasser, Jim Rourke, Sarah Strasser, Ian Couper, Richard Hays, Oleg Kravtchenko, Tanja Pekez-Pavlisko and Jo Scott-Jones.

Subjects ranges from pre-NHS rural practice to modern day technology, and the use of that for activities such as Practice Based Small Group Learning, and initiatives such as the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, and Scottish GP Rural Fellowships.  Themes include 24-hour working, the psychosocial stresses of rural medicine, and the interface between generalist practice and secondary care.

Making this tome available as a free online PDF means it can be easily accessed and searched, including for future research activity.  You can also purchase it online at ( does not receive any commission from this).

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