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Lesley Riddoch on Telehealth

Lesley Riddoch, an excellent broadcaster on Radio Scotland, interviewed some top names in Telehealth in 2007.  Although it was recorded 2 years ago, the standard of broadcast is high and the programme is more about what telemedicine could eventually achieve.

Those interviewed are: Dr Leonard Witkamp a dermatologist and Director of the Telemedicine Centre in Holland; Dr Richard Scott of the e-Health Research Programme at the University of Calgary and Prof James Dunbar of Dept of Rural Health at Flinders Univ in Australia.


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Commission for Rural Communities – response to Darzi

The CRC is an English government body set up to represent rural issues in national policy decisions.  In February they published “Rural Reference Bulletin No 2” (pdf) on the challenges of providing health care in rural areas.

Back in June 2008, they’ve also produced the following video “The Rural Advocate – Our NHS, Our Future: A rural response” – to demonstrate how rural health care is being considered in the context of the Darzi reforms. It’s quite a pixelated recording, but worth watching anyway.


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RuralGP is here!

Today we launch the RuralGP blog – after weeks of fine tuning – and would like to welcome everyone who’s seeing this for the first time.  We’re really hoping that folk find it easy to contribute, whether that’s event news, slide presentations, podcasts, or useful links to other sites.

I’ve tried to explain the background to RuralGP in the podcast below.  It is my first, so apologies to any wincing sound engineers – however, hopefully we’ll soon be on track with more podcasts, including plans to do some telephone interviews soon.

If you like the site today – spread the word, bookmark RuralGP and come back for more.  We have posts lined up to be published every day this week so there should always be something new or different to see.  Any comments/feedback is extremely welcome to the team at .


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Transfer & Retrieval Conference

Glasgow, May 7 2009

“The inaugural Transfer and Retrieval Conference takes place in Glasgow University on May 7th 2009.  With an array of experts in patient retrieval from medical, military and aviation backgrounds, attendance is essential for all involved in this rapidly expanding speciality.

With sessions dealing with safe systems, training and equipment, the conference is of relevence to those undertaking adult, paediatric and neonatal retrievals including doctors, nurses, paramedics and managers.

As well as a dozen oral presentations, the conference will feature poster presentations and demonstrations from specialist retrieval equipment manufacturers.”

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Presentations – Helse Nord RHF

Here’s an intriguing project that I found whilst searching for content here.  Helse Nord is a collaboration between the North of Scotland and Norway, to exchange ideas about rural health care. 

There’s a myriad of presentations from their 2008 Conference.  I have no idea whether it’s still going on – perhaps we can be enlightened.  However it’s well worth a look – topics include rural training, community resilience and maintaining skills.

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