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Feature Article: Challenges & Rewards of Rural Practice

An up-to-date look at the challenges (and better sides) of rural practice, published two weeks ago in the Journal of Rural & Remote Health.   In particular, they find that the biggest challenges lie with “soft issues” such as privacy and defining the boundaries of professional practice.

Miedema B, Hamilton R, Fortin P, Easley J, Tatemichi S.  The challenges and rewards of rural family practice in New Brunswick, Canada: lessons for retentionRural and Remote Health 9 (online), 2009: 1141

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Presentations – Helse Nord RHF

Here’s an intriguing project that I found whilst searching for content here.  Helse Nord is a collaboration between the North of Scotland and Norway, to exchange ideas about rural health care. 

There’s a myriad of presentations from their 2008 Conference.  I have no idea whether it’s still going on – perhaps we can be enlightened.  However it’s well worth a look – topics include rural training, community resilience and maintaining skills.

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