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RCGP Conference – Look out for the Rural Forum

Rural Forum LogoDr Malcolm Ward, Chair of the RCGP Rural Forum, highlights the RF session at the RCGP Conference next week…

If you are attending the RCGP Conference in Liverpool be sure to attend the Rural Practice session Stream F, 3.55pm on Friday 3rd October 2014.  Hear about new ideas to help future-proof remote and rural practice ensuring that we are able to train, recruit and retain rural GPs to deliver a safe, high quality service.

Dr Hal Maxwell will present the new policy paper from RCGP Scotland “Being Rural”.

Psychiatrist and Co-founder of “Connecting with People” Dr Alys Cole-King  and Dr Colville Laird, Medical Director of BASICS Scotland will talk about their involvement in a new GP training initiative.

This session should appeal to AiTs, First Fives, locum GPs and all GPs who are considering a change of Practice. Don’t miss it.

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Nominations invited for RCGP Scotland GP of the Year

rcgpsThe Royal College of General Practitioners (Scotland) is pleased to announce the launch of GP of the Year 2014.

Each year RCGP Scotland, the professional membership organisation for general practitioners, seeks recommendations from patients or family members to nominate their GP for the prestigious RCGP Scotland GP of the Year Award for outstanding standards of patient care.  This prestigious annual award generates significant press interest and is a huge boost to the GP and practice who receive it.

We would be very grateful if you could help us promote this year’s award by displaying the enclosed poster and also to have a supply of nomination forms available for patients if requested.

Nomination forms are also available online at or by contacting on 020 3188 7750.

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3rd UK National Conference on Rural Practice

Rural Forum LogoDetails have been released about the 3rd UK National Conference on Rural Practice – to be held on Friday 2nd May 2014 in Manchester.

Organised by the RCGP Rural Forum, the event covers a range of topical issues relevant to rural practice today – from paediatric emergency care (including Drs James West and Hal Maxwell), to recruitment & retention and the challenges of maintaining financial viability in remote & rural practice.

Professor Mike Pringle, President of the RCGP, will discuss his views and the future view of rural practice within the RCGP, and college First5 Lead Dr Phil Williams will give an update on what services and support is being made available to members within their 5 five years of qualifying as GPs.

As parallel session will be run throughout the day – looking at Social Media and how to join the growing trend of using services such as Twitter to keep abreast of CPD updates, useful clinical information and sharing views with others across the globe.

For the full programme and registration details, you can download the form here or go direct to the RCGP Bookings site.

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Allen & Margaret Wilson Memorial Fund

In 1967, Drs Allen T and Margaret JI Wilson were tragically killed in a road accident.  Allen Wilson had already made his name by his contribution to the RCGP and to research in general practice.

A fund was set up in 1969 in their memory, with a two objectives:

  • to advance the education of young people resident in the Parishes of Innerleithen, Traquair and Walkerburn
  • to encourage original research work by family doctors, following the example of the Wilsons

There are three Trustees – including the Provost of South East Scotland Faculty of RCGP.  Every second year the Provost has to provide the name of a doctor in Scotland for the award.  By the Trust Dead, he has to consult the RCGP Research Committee, Scottish Council and Scottish Council Research Network.  In considering possible recipients, preference should be given to a young doctor practicing in a rural area.  The medical award is usually linked with giving a lecture under the RCGP, locally or nationally.

An award of £750 is available this year.  Please see forms/information below for further details.

Explanatory Letter Application Information


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2nd National RCGP Rural Forum Conference

rcgplogoSaturday 16th March 2013: 0830-1600
Stoneybeck Inn, Bowscar, Penrith, Cumbria


The RCGP Rural Forum has organised its second national conference on Rural General Practice, at the date and venue above.  Building on the successes of its conference last year, the programme aims to cover a wide range of pertinent issues facing UK rural practice.

Including a look at the recruitment & retention perspective in New Zealand, plus management of ENT presentations and suicide awareness, the event promises to develop a varied number of topics, and offer an opportunity for like-minded rural practitioners to meet and discuss these issues.

For more information, you can download the information pack.

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1st National Conference on Rural General Practice

March 16th 2012: Stoneybeck Inn, Bowscar, Penrith

Updated programme available as of 15th January.

This conference has been organised by the RCGP Rural Forum to provide essential educational updates to help fulfil the requirements for appraisal and revalidation, with a focus on the needs of rural and remote GPs practising across the UK.

Featuring an impressive line up of rural GPs and other practitioners, along with a hand injections workshop, the one-day event has been located to allow easy access from motorway and rail connections.

For more details, see the programme here.

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RCGP Rural Forum: Education Day postponed to 16th March 2012

The RCGP Rural Forum have organised a conference that will appeal to all rural GPs across the UK, and beyond…

Generalism is core to the programme, which also makes light of recent policy changes that will affect health care across the UK.  Presentations will range from the commissioning debate (including views from Scotland and England), to core clinical topics such as acute orthopaedics – led by Dr Leo Murray, Rural Practitioner from Skye.

The event will appeal to practitioners from a broad range of rurality.  A joint injections workshop is being provided by Mr Quentin Cox of Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, and Dr Deb Lee, Paediatrician from West Cumberland Hospital will review children’s health issues in rural areas.

The one-day conference will take place in the Rheged Centre in Penrith, Cumbria – a location that’s well connected to rail and motorway links.

The day has been moved to March because high venue costs  were not matched by early applications and it is hoped that this will be a more suitable time of year for many GPs.

For the full programme and registration details,  see the application form here. Updated version coming soon…

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Time to Care: RCGP reports on Rural Deprivation

RCGP Scotland has just released its report Time to Care – which aims to be a pragmatic contribution to the efforts in improving healthcare to Scotland’s most deprived areas, including rural areas.

The following explanation, taken from the Foreword, outlines why the report is not to be seen as “yet another” document outlining the already-knowns in health & deprivation…

“At the outset, the working group made three decisions. First, given the plethora of reports on inequalities in health, collating research evidence, there was no need to produce another report of this type. Second, the report would not comprise a “toolkit” for general practitioners, implying that others know the answers and general practitioners simply need to implement the solutions.

Third, the working group would engage with general practitioners working in the most deprived areas, capture their experience and views, and communicate these findings to others.  This would focus on the 100 practices serving the most deprived communities in Scotland (which we named the ‘Top 100’ practices) but would also include general practitioners working in remote and rural areas out-with the Top 100 as there are many people living in pockets of severe deprivation which are not large enough to register within analyses of deprivation based on datazones. We also commissioned a short review of the literature on the challenges faced by these communities (Chapter 4).”

The report is available from the RCGP Scotland website.

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