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NHS24 in Rural/Remote Areas

You may be aware of an excellent source of R&R research – Rural & Remote Health.   Thanks to Gordon Baird, who flagged up an interesting article into how the out-of-hours telephone service NHS24 (similar to NHS Direct in England & Wales) fares for remote & rural communities.  Direct link to the article (including PDF) here.

I’ve also added a new RSS bar on the left – this now links directly with the current contents of the European issue of R&RH.

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Revalidation for Rural Practitioners

reval_guideThe RCGP have just released their Guide to the Revalidation of General Practitioners. It’s a must-read given that the GMC plans to phase in its strategy for relicensing and revalidation in 2009.  Whilst the document itself doesn’t specifically address issues of revalidation in rural/remote practice, there is work going on – including within the RCGP Rural Forum – to represent these concerns at national level.


We’ll report on the key updates, including any opportunities to get involved with the Rural Forum’s work on this.  Meantime, the NHS Revalidation Support Team is worth looking at.  If you’re keen to contribute to the process, contact us at and we can put you in touch with the relevant people.


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Commission for Rural Communities – response to Darzi

The CRC is an English government body set up to represent rural issues in national policy decisions.  In February they published “Rural Reference Bulletin No 2” (pdf) on the challenges of providing health care in rural areas.

Back in June 2008, they’ve also produced the following video “The Rural Advocate – Our NHS, Our Future: A rural response” – to demonstrate how rural health care is being considered in the context of the Darzi reforms. It’s quite a pixelated recording, but worth watching anyway.

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