Dewar 2012

A Legacy for Rural Practice

One hundred years ago the Dewar Committee recommended the first state run health service. The Highlands & Islands Medical Service predated the NHS by over 30 years. Providing health care in the remote & rural parts of Scotland is again proving to be a challenge. We believe this work has the potential to reinvigorate remote and rural health care with outcomes that will be relevant to health care in the rest of Scotland.

Dr Miles Mack, member of the Dewar Centenary Celebration Group

Sir John Alexander Dewar
1st Baron Forteviot

The Dewar 2012 group have spearheaded rural practice into the Scottish political agenda.  Fuelled by the legacy left by Sir John Dewar in 1912, and the recommendations that remain pertinent today, the group feels that his assessment of needs in rural practice are highly relevant today.

In 1912 Sir John Dewar chaired an examination of the state of healthcare provision in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Little would he realise that themes from this Dewar Report would result in the conception of the National Health Service, with wider ramifications to follow.

Today the Report of the Highlands and Islands Medical Service Committee still has relevance to the delivery of health services in rural communities.  Whilst solutions have been found to some problems, the document’s recommendations still ring true to rural health care and beyond.

The year 2012 marks one hundred years since the original report was published.  This section of is dedicated to providing information about the centenary celebrations, events and other activities planned to mark such an insightful and impacting report.

What’s the latest?  Read Dewar 2012 news here.  You can also download the report of the 2013 Dewar Conference in April.