Dewar 2013 Webcast

Webcast Footage Now Available

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the Dewar 2013 webcast.  The conference itself was a huge success, and we’re delighted that over 40 participants joined us via the live webcast.

Many thanks to David Eglinton from HCVF Television for providing such a supportive and professional service.  You can view the full Twitter stream (#Dewar2013) here.

The webcasts are now available to play in your own time.  Please note that during the breakout sessions, only the main auditorium was filmed.  The programme below details what can be viewed.

Webcast 1 Plenary Session, ‘The Dewar Centenary’

Chair: Dr Annie Tindley

11.00 – 11.10 – Using history as a tool for change; what the group has done so far – Dr Annie Tindley

11.10 – 11.20 – Remote & Rural Health Care within Scottish Government: NHS Policy Development – Ms Jill Vickerman, NHS Quality Improvement Scotland

11.20 – 11.40 – Dewar in a Nutshell – Dr Miles Mack, GP Dingwall

11.40 – 11.55 – Dewar 2013:  Individual and community well-being, and social capital.  Dewar is still relevant today and we have 3 tests for 2013 – Dr Jim Douglas, GP & Dewar Group

Webcast 2 Social, Capital and Community Enterprise

Chair: Dr Steve McCabe

The Appin Experience – Dr Iain McNicol

The Applecross Experience – Alison MacLeod, Applecross Community Council

The NHS Highland Experience – Gill McVicar

Webcast 3 Infrastructure and Recruitment & Retention: What works?

Chair: Dr Miles Mack

Rural Transport – How can we integrate systems and make green and social capital in the process? – Sam MacNaughton, Highland Council Head of Transport & Infrastructure

Recruitment & Retention: What will work for young professionals? – Dr David Hogg, Editor & GP, Isle of Arran (also watch on YouTube)

Webcast 4 What have we learned and are there any agreed actions?

Chair: Dr Jim Douglas (Chair, Dewar Group)

The Historical Summary – Dewar in 2013 – Dr Annie Tindley


Many thanks again to all who contributed, attended and watched the conference.  We hope that this footage is useful for those who were unable to make it on the day.