Dr Greg Hamill (Arran GP) and Dr Stephen Hearns (Consultant, Emergency Medical Retrieval Service) work together using ultrasound-guided vascular access. (Patient consent obtained).

“A picture speaks a thousand words”

Images are powerful.  They offer insight, perspective, emotion and resonance.  The international sphere of rural general practice crosses boundaries of culture, language and technique.

So photography presents a superb opportunity to share experiences of modern day rural medicine.

Are the images free?

The following collections of images may be useful in illustrating websites, presentations, videos and promotional material for rural health events.   The idea originated from a discussion with medical students this year who were organising an event about rural medicine, but who found difficulty in finding decent images to use on posters/facebook publicity.

Most of these photos have been taken by David Hogg, Rural GP on the Isle of Arran, with additional contributions from other photographers including Kirstie Smith, Chris Hogge and all those who joined in the #ruralGPframed project earlier this year (and which continues on Twitter).

So long as you’re not going to make money by using these images, they’re free to download and use as you wish under the terms of Creative Commons licence Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs    

If you like what you use, please drop a donation into Arran Mountain Rescue Team or the Sandpiper Trust – two organisations who have enabled many of the photos presented here.

If you want high-definition or non-watermarked versions, or you want to use these for commercial publications, please contact for licensing information.  A suggested donation to the above charities will apply for these requests.


Just a note about the images under the #ruralGPframed – the Twitter name of the photographer for each of these can be found in the filename: please credit them accordingly, and consider sending a quick tweet to let them know you’ve used their work.


In April 2017 launched a social media project #ruralGPframed (more info) - the aim was to collect images of current day rural GP practice.  This album features the international scope of a career in rural practice, and many challenging settings where rural medical care is provided today.


Photos which might be useful for specific captions in a presentation.


Featuring some of the things that glue rural communities together.

Emergency Work

Spotlight on various emergency teams and work in rural Scotland.


Rural communities depend on transport, connectivity and other services to remain sustainable and vibrant.


Rural landscape shots from around Scotland, and around the world.


One of the biggest attractions of living and working in a rural community, is the rich variety of nature that lives in the same area.

RuralGP Work

Snapshots of some of the varied and wide practice of a rural GP.


Training needs of rural clinicians reflects the broad scope of practice.