Continuing Professional Development

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Rural general practice demands a very wide generalist approach, and with that comes a vast range of topics to stay up to date about. This is probably one of the greatest challenges of a career in rural practice, and yet it can be one of the most stimulating and satisfying aspects too.

There are lots of resources on the internet to help deal with this, and we will probably only scratch the surface of what is relevant to rural GPs here. However we hope to highlight ongoing learning opportunities, as well as current research stories and appraisal material. Note that there is a separate topical list of news stories relating to revalidation under ‘Hot Topics’ above.

Setting out learning needs, in a Personal Development Plan, can be useful (and is of course required for appraisals). You may find the following link helpful when considering what you wish to focus on. It was published by the Remote & Rural Training Pathways Group (collaboration between the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges & Faculties in Scotland, NES Scotland and NHS Scotland R&R Steering Group) and aims to define the core skills and competencies that often require extension in remote & rural practice.
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In time more content will be added here.  Meantime you can have a look at the latest CPD news.
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