NoBars: Rural Mobile Phone Coverage

This initiative, developed by Dr Drew Inglis of the Emergency Medical Retrieval Service, is aiming to improve mobile phone coverage in rural areas of Scotland.  It has gathered much pace and energy since the idea was established, and it’s now more important than ever to encourage local support for the national work that Drew has been doing.

The work focuses on coverage to rural hospitals and health centres, as these are particularly important for the EMRS service to have cover in.  However, as Drew’s work highlights, the benefits to be gained from improving mobile phone reception reach far beyond the health service.

The rollout of 4G ultra-fast mobile networks is beginning, and yet many rural areas of Scotland have no mobile signal at all.  This is causing a digital version of the ‘inverse care law’ and needs to be recognised at a national level.  Feel free to get more involved in this work, and get in touch with Drew if you have any specific ideas or comments.

David Hogg
Download the report “Rural mobile network coverage is an issue for the NHS”  (pdf, 600KB)

>> BBC News article on how villagers in a rural part of Mexico have gone about developing their own mobile network!


Rural mobile connectivity & the NHS – Presentation