Rural Health Planning in Wales

The Welsh Assembly have released details about their Rural Health Plan.  The draft plan will be released in Spring this year, meantime their news release has some links to some important documents that are helping to inform the debate.

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Rural Curriculum Statements

These are now available under “GP Training”. You may be aware that the new GP curriculum is set out in a number of statements. In 2007, the Remote & Rural Pathways Group (joint project in Scotland) published supplementary statements for rural practice.  These are now available on this site here.

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Transfer & Retrieval Conference

Glasgow, May 7 2009 “The inaugural Transfer and Retrieval Conference takes place in Glasgow University on May 7th 2009.  With an array of experts in patient retrieval from medical, military and aviation backgrounds, attendance is essential for all involved in this rapidly expanding speciality. With sessions dealing with safe systems, training and equipment, the conference […]

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Presentations – Helse Nord RHF

Here’s an intriguing project that I found whilst searching for content here.  Helse Nord is a collaboration between the North of Scotland and Norway, to exchange ideas about rural health care.  There’s a myriad of presentations from their 2008 Conference.  I have no idea whether it’s still going on – perhaps we can be enlightened. […]

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RCGP Annual Conference

This year’s RCGP Conference will be at the SECC in Glasgow – November 5-7. There will be some specifically rural events and presentations… details to follow. You can see a draft programme at the website: www.rcgpannualconference.org.uk.

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