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New Blog: Scotland Rural GP Training

I chose rural medicine as a new opportunity to broaden my horizons, I feel rural medicine is constantly providing new and different challenges.

Kate and her colleagues are based in the Western Isles

Dr Kate Dixon, in her first year of rural GP training, has started this blog to record her experiences as a GPST1 in the Western Isles.  Clearly inspired by the generalist practice, and quality of life offered from working in stunning scenery, she hopes to document the highlights of her training programme, and inspire others who might do the same.

“I have started this blog to share my love for the Highlands and Islands and promote training in these areas. I hope to inspire more people to consider joining us in training up here!”, Kate explains.

Originally from Leicestershire, she began her medical training in Aberdeen  and decided to continue her training in Scotland. She undertook the foundation programme in the North Deanery, with the first year in Aberdeen and second in Inverness. She describes the Highlands & Islands as ‘spectacular’ and after taking her experience of rural GP practice in Connel and Aviemore has decided to embark on the current Rural Track GP Training Programme.

You can follow her blog here:



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Rendez-Vous Ontario 2012

Exciting news is revealed by the organisers of Rendez-Vous 2012:

“Plan to be in Northern Ontario, Canada in October 2012, when the Northern Ontario School of Medicine will host a major joint world conference in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

This conference will bring together the Wonca World Rural Health Conference and The Network: Towards Unity for Health annual conference, as well as the next NOSM/Flinders Conference on Community Engaged Medical Education, the Consortium for Longitudinal Curricula, and the Training for Health Equity Network.”

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Dot.rural aims to bring together researchers from a wide range of disciplines, in order to explore the digital challenges and opportunities for rural communities across the UK.  Based at Aberdeen University, they have focused on five channels: Accessibility & Mobilities, Healthcare, Enterprise & Culture, and Natural Resource Conservation.

They have recorded presentations and documents from their seminars and made them available as videos – worth a look.

One particular presentation from their Healthcare channel has a very direct relevance for future remote and rural medicine.  Alasdair Mort, Healthcare Research Fellow, has been working on ways of using technology to improve the prehospital emergency response, and seems to have a very pragmatic view of the challenges experienced in this field.

His presentation is available on the Dot.Rural website here (turn the volume up and fastforward a minute)… plus there is a YouTube video below with further information.


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Rural Opportunities in Scotland

NHS Education for Scotland has released a new DVD about opportunities for various healthcare careers within rural areas.  It’s part of the Remote and Rural Healthcare Educational Alliance (RRHEAL), an initiative to improve training and development of healthcare teams across rural Scotland.

The first part of the video focusses on dentistry; there are subsequent interviews with Charlie Siderfin (GP Postgraduate Tutor, Orkney), Chris Williams (GP Trainee, Orkney) and David Sedgwick (Consultant Surgeon, Fort William).  If you can’t see the video below, you might need to visit this page on Vimeo.

The next round of GP Rural Fellowships – ideal for recently qualified GPs – will be released soon on the NES website.  You can read more about these fellowships here.

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