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2nd National RCGP Rural Forum Conference

rcgplogoSaturday 16th March 2013: 0830-1600
Stoneybeck Inn, Bowscar, Penrith, Cumbria


The RCGP Rural Forum has organised its second national conference on Rural General Practice, at the date and venue above.  Building on the successes of its conference last year, the programme aims to cover a wide range of pertinent issues facing UK rural practice.

Including a look at the recruitment & retention perspective in New Zealand, plus management of ENT presentations and suicide awareness, the event promises to develop a varied number of topics, and offer an opportunity for like-minded rural practitioners to meet and discuss these issues.

For more information, you can download the information pack.

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Rural Mentoring Survey: Results

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the mentoring survey, which closed tonight after 2 weeks.  This was kindly hosted by RCGP.  Over fifty rural medical practitioners responded, with some useful and insightful results.

The raw data are presented below.  If you can’t see anything, you can also download a PDF file here.  Apologies that this is slightly clunky – and please note that comments are presented at the end of the PDF.  If you have a large screen, it may be worthwhile opening up two windows so you can follow the questions and free text answers at the same time.

Further analysis will be carried out to summarise the main conclusions.  It is hoped to present this on RuralGP.com in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, I have made the following observations on what could be considered the ‘next steps’:

  • Development of a profiles page, giving details of rural GPs who are prepared to act as mentors for committed trainees. (With some time for thought about how this should be co-ordinated and supported).
  • Development of a scholarship scheme for medical student electives.
  • Play down the role of social media, and improve quality student/trainee access to good rural practice experience.

Discussion can take place via the various email groups, or post a comment below.


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1st National Conference on Rural General Practice

March 16th 2012: Stoneybeck Inn, Bowscar, Penrith

Updated programme available as of 15th January.

This conference has been organised by the RCGP Rural Forum to provide essential educational updates to help fulfil the requirements for appraisal and revalidation, with a focus on the needs of rural and remote GPs practising across the UK.

Featuring an impressive line up of rural GPs and other practitioners, along with a hand injections workshop, the one-day event has been located to allow easy access from motorway and rail connections.

For more details, see the programme here.

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RCGP Rural Forum: Education Day postponed to 16th March 2012

The RCGP Rural Forum have organised a conference that will appeal to all rural GPs across the UK, and beyond…

Generalism is core to the programme, which also makes light of recent policy changes that will affect health care across the UK.  Presentations will range from the commissioning debate (including views from Scotland and England), to core clinical topics such as acute orthopaedics – led by Dr Leo Murray, Rural Practitioner from Skye.

The event will appeal to practitioners from a broad range of rurality.  A joint injections workshop is being provided by Mr Quentin Cox of Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, and Dr Deb Lee, Paediatrician from West Cumberland Hospital will review children’s health issues in rural areas.

The one-day conference will take place in the Rheged Centre in Penrith, Cumbria – a location that’s well connected to rail and motorway links.

The day has been moved to March because high venue costs  were not matched by early applications and it is hoped that this will be a more suitable time of year for many GPs.

For the full programme and registration details,  see the application form here. Updated version coming soon…

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CultivAiTing Rural GPs for the Future

RuralGP is excited to showcase it’s first slidecast.  These are similar to podcasts, except that the audio can be linked up to a powerpoint presentation – so allowing presentations to be shared easily to a wider audience!

This slidecast is recorded from the RCGP Annual Conference during the launch of the RCGP Rural Forum, on Thursday last week.  David Hogg (blog editor) explains some proposed changes to GP Training, and where rural practice stands to gain and lose.   In the next week, we also hope to feature Malcolm Ward’s launch of the Rural Forum, as well as the videolink with Prof Richard Hayes, giving his insights on how the Rural Forum can learn from experiences in Australia.

RuralGP is keen to host other slidecasts.  It’s relatively simple to do.  If you would like to know more about this, please do get in touch.  We hope to share presentations from future events too.  Many thanks to Dr Soleman Begg for his technical expertise, with which this slidecast has been made possible.

Note that you can expand the presentation to full screen for better viewing.  The comments expressed are a personal view, and not necessarily representative of the view of the RCGP or RCGP Rural Forum.

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4 days until the RCGP Conference

conference_banner_234x60In just 4 days time, Glasgow will host the RCGP Annual Conference at the SECC.  Some of the conference events have already been highlighted on RuralGP, and this year looks set to be one of the biggest conferences yet.

As well as an extensive programme for trainees, the conference will see the official launch of the RCGP Rural Forum.  Members of the college should already have received information on how to join, and already many members have signed up.

skillunit3The key session to look out for is B8 during Thursday afternoon, where members of the Forum will be speaking about some of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  There are other rurally-relevant sessions too, plus the Scottish Clinical Skills Unit – an amazing facility within an articulated lorry – will be in attendance.

We hope to see you there!

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RCGP Annual Conference: 16 days to get the Early Bird Rate

conference_banner_234x60Another reminder that the Early Bird rate for the RCGP Annual Conference is available up until July 27th.

The event, happening in the SECC in Glasgow on 5-7 November, is offering a comprehensive programme over the Thursday-Saturday… spanning topics including revalidation, GP training, innovation in practice… and loads more.

You can view the full programme at www.rcgpannualconference.org.uk.

Rural events to look out for:

A5 (Innovation Stream): Telemedicine – advanced front line patient care

B8 (Rural Stream): The future of rural practice: local, national and international perspectives

D6 (Education Stream): Addressing health inequalities by raising the standard of GP specialist training

Mobile Skills Unit (see here).

Associates in Training have a dedicated stream of events intertwined with the main programme.

We hope to see you there.

The future of rural practice: local, national and international
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Marmot Review on Health Inequalities in England

The Government is currently consulting on a review of health inequalities in England, and how to reduce them – as part of the “Marmot Review“.  The RCGP Rural Forum recently noted that there is no mention of rural/remote health services in the supporting documents, and how populations in these areas are frequently subject to health inequalities as compared with their urban counterparts.

The Forum is therefore keen for feedback from rural practitioners to help inform a submission to the review team.  If you’d like to get involved with this, or wish to provide information to the Forum, please get in touch – to blog@ruralgp.org.uk in the first instance.

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