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2nd National RCGP Rural Forum Conference

rcgplogoSaturday 16th March 2013: 0830-1600
Stoneybeck Inn, Bowscar, Penrith, Cumbria


The RCGP Rural Forum has organised its second national conference on Rural General Practice, at the date and venue above.  Building on the successes of its conference last year, the programme aims to cover a wide range of pertinent issues facing UK rural practice.

Including a look at the recruitment & retention perspective in New Zealand, plus management of ENT presentations and suicide awareness, the event promises to develop a varied number of topics, and offer an opportunity for like-minded rural practitioners to meet and discuss these issues.

For more information, you can download the information pack.

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RCGP Rural Forum: Education Day postponed to 16th March 2012

The RCGP Rural Forum have organised a conference that will appeal to all rural GPs across the UK, and beyond…

Generalism is core to the programme, which also makes light of recent policy changes that will affect health care across the UK.  Presentations will range from the commissioning debate (including views from Scotland and England), to core clinical topics such as acute orthopaedics – led by Dr Leo Murray, Rural Practitioner from Skye.

The event will appeal to practitioners from a broad range of rurality.  A joint injections workshop is being provided by Mr Quentin Cox of Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, and Dr Deb Lee, Paediatrician from West Cumberland Hospital will review children’s health issues in rural areas.

The one-day conference will take place in the Rheged Centre in Penrith, Cumbria – a location that’s well connected to rail and motorway links.

The day has been moved to March because high venue costs  were not matched by early applications and it is hoped that this will be a more suitable time of year for many GPs.

For the full programme and registration details,  see the application form here. Updated version coming soon…

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Rural Forum: October Update

If you were unable to make it to Harrogate for the RCGP Conference, RuralGP.com can bring you update presented there for the RCGP Rural Forum.  This year we were unable to organise a sound recording, however most of the following slides are self-explanatory.

If you’re not a member of the Forum but interested in signing up – click here for details.

View more presentations from ruralgp.
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Rural Forum @ Conference

If you’re heading to Harrogate this week for the RCGP Annual Conference, look out for the Rural Forum stand.

Here you’ll be able to find out more about the work of the Forum, how to get involved and networking opportunities with other GPs in rural practice.  There will also be advice available to students and trainees on how to find out more about rural jobs.

Within the conference programme, you’ll find session programme B8, where Dr Richard Birtles will give an update on Lyme Disease, and Dr Colville Laird of BASICS Scotland will talk about its role in providing prehospital emergency care.  This session will be followed by the Rural Forum AGM.

Another session to consider is C4: Supporting young carers in rural communities, when Sue Kinsey will be talking about her work in Aberdeenshire.

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RCGP Rural Forum: Final Call for Steering Group Election

You are invited to put your name forward for election to the Rural Forum Steering group. The election shall provide for representatives from across the UK as follows:  4 for England, 1 for Northern Ireland, 2 for Scotland and 2 for Wales. The election process will be as follows:

  • Prospective candidates should be (or apply to become) a member of the RCGP Rural Forum, and provide a brief resume of no more than 100 words about themselves and why they think they should be elected . Submissions must be received by Monday 21.9.10 and to be sent to plythgoe@rcgp.org.uk
  • Voting will be on a national basis as outlined above i.e. candidates are invited to submit themselves according to the nation in which they work or the nation that they have a particular interest in.
  • Each Forum member will be entitled to take part in the voting for the nation in which they work or have a particular interest in : to cast one vote per candidate for up to 4 candidates for the 4 seats for England, 2 candidates for the 2 seats for Scotland  and Wales and for one candidate for the one Northern Ireland seat. The proportions of national seats were agreed on the basis of approximate rural population size.
  • Voting will be on a first past the post basis.
  • Votes will be cast electronically via survey monkey.
  • The election results will be announced at the Rural Forum AGM to be held during the RCGP annual conference.

The Steering Group has two face to face meetings per year and skype or BT teleconferences as needed throughout the year. Group members keep in constant email contact to progress the Forum agenda. Members can view some of the Groups activity over the past year by following this link to the Rural Forum section of the RCGP website http://www.rcgp.org.uk/ruralforum

There will continue to be 5 co-opted seats on the Steering Group by invitation:

One each for AiTs, First 5s, the GPC, the Dispensing Doctors’ Association and the Institute of Rural Health.

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RCGP Rural Forum – where are we now?

It’s been a while since posting anything new on the blog.  However, that’s mainly due to lots of things going on in the background as opposed to nothing to report!  The Rural Forum team have been frantically busy over the last few weeks, after the Forum was successfully launched at the RCGP Conference in November.
I’m just back from our latest meeting in London, and over the next week, we’ll mention some of the many issues discussed.
Let’s start with where we’re going from here.  Thanks to everyone who has signed up to the Forum so far.  We now have over 300 members, and this is steadily growing.  We’ll be contacting you soon to detail how the Forum is going to progress over the next few months, and the many opportunities to get more involved.  Key themes include:
  • setting up a dedicated College administrator for the Forum
  • focussing on colleagues who dispense
  • looking at how access to College eLearning can be enhanced for rural practitioners – both by reducing professional isolation via technology, as well as assessing whether there are difficulties in accessing internet speeds fast enough.
  • exploring better ways of communicating – including teleconferencing and virtual “video” sessions
  • and developing a relevant, useful programme for involvement during 2010.
In the meantime, please feel free to email your stories, comments and feedback to the blog.  We’re hoping to move up a gear to make the blog even more responsive and updated, and we’re always keen for your views, whether a Rural Forum member or not.
And on that last note – if you haven’t signed up yet – find out how by going to http://www.rcgp.org.uk/ruralforum
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RCGP Rural Forum Officially Launched!

Yesterday the RCGP Rural Forum was officially launched, at the RCGP Conference in Glasgow.

Malcolm Ward presented the background to some of the key aims of the Forum, and Prof Richard Hayes joined us by recorded video from Australia to make some recommendations based on Australian rural practitioners’ experience.  David Hogg explained the GP curriculum – including proposed changes to extend training to five years – and the need for rural input to maintain and promote access to rural careers.

The event was well attended and feedback was positive to move the Forum forward to ensure decent representation of UK’s rural practitioners within the RCGP.

Within the next week, we hope to publish these presentations, as the Forum was able to link-in with the AiT Committee’s pilot scheme to make conference presentations available to those who are unable to attend.

In the meantime, you can keep track of daily conference news via GP’s special conference bulletins.

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