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BASICS Scotland videos now available

BASICSlogoIn an exciting move for the organisation, BASICS Scotland have released the first batch of online video-tutorials, to cover a wide range of pre-hospital care training.

A significant amount of time and investment has been made into these videos, which can be accessed by any members of BASICS Scotland at no additional charge.

Currently, the following topics are available:

  • Airway – Cricothyroidotomy
  • ALS – Shockable
  • Chest Assessment
  • 2 Person Helmet Removal
  • 2 Person Log Roll
  • Introduction to the Sandpiper Bag
  • Full Patient Assessment (stable patient)
  • Airwave Refresher
  • IO Vascular Access

And further videos are due to follow on topics such as C-spine collar fitting, scoop stretchers/vacuum mattress use, and Sam sling application.

They do not seek to replace the ever-popular residential courses, but will be a welcome source of teaching material for responders around the time of the courses, or for refresher training afterwards.

For more information, visit the BASICS Scotland website.  You can find out more about BASICS Scotland membership by visiting the ‘Members’ tab.

See a sample video below… Graeme Ramage introducing the ever-popular Sandpiper Bag, which is issued to all BASICS Scotland responders…



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Vacancy: Isle of Arran – Salaried GP

Blackwaterfoot Rocks, courtesy of Hamish Bannatyne

Blackwaterfoot Rocks, courtesy of Hamish Bannatyne

SALARIED GP or GPs: 4 days per week

Salary £80K pro rata + Golden Hello if eligible 

Arran is an island situated just off the west coast of Scotland where general practice is varied and interesting and the beautiful setting offers a great quality of life. We are looking for an enthusiastic and highly motivated GP to join our current team of nine GPs, four practice nurses, two HCAs and supportive administrative staff.

With a patient list size of 5,000, Arran Medical Group is an accredited GP training practice and dispensing practice working across three main and four branch sites.  Using EMIS PCS clinical system, the practice is a high QOF achiever and takes part in a wide range of enhanced services.

There are excellent opportunities for greater continuity of patient care due to the local GPs offering acute and inpatient care at the 17-bed community hospital.

The team of island GPs provides A&E and OOH services with a ‘2nd on call’ for support if required.  Remuneration for this work is very attractive.

There is a full induction programme with needs assessment and a wealth of training and educational opportunities. This is a chance to work in a community that is proud and supportive of its health services.

For further information please contact:

Joyce Beasley, Practice Manager – Tel: 01770 600516 or email: joycebeasley@nhs.net
Dr Malcolm Kerr, Arran Clinical Lead – Tel: 01770 302175 or email: malcolm.kerr@nhs.net

Updated 2nd January: download the job pack, and see the BBC News coverage.

Closing date: 14th January 2013

Click this link to view the video, or see below…



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EZIO Skills

Intra-osseous access to the intravascular space has fast been developed for more general and adult use over the last five years.  Innovation has been sped up by the experienced gained from military settings, including Afghanistan.

Whether you’ve become a seasoned EZIO user, or haven’t seen this before, the following videos may be handy to review/refresh what can make IO access more attractive than persevering for IV access.  Having been issued with one of these myself, and had the occasion to use it on several occasions, it’s clear the the initial fear felt (including those watching who are unfamiliar with the process) is rapidly dissipated by the ease of use in severe cases, such as trauma or cardiac arrest situations.

BASICS Scotland responders are lucky to have the continuing support from the Sandpiper Trust, and if you are a regular responder for  the Scottish Ambulance Service, you can apply to add one of these to your kit.




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Rural Medicine in Molong, NSW

This documentary about rural medicine in Molong, New South Wales gives an insight into what our colleagues in Australia are facing up to.  Once again, there are many similarities to the challenges experienced here in the UK, however the documentary-style programme is balanced by highlighting the major attractions of rural practice too.

The video is in two parts:

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Spotlight: Oklahoma rural recruitment

This video from YouTube explains a programme in Oklahoma, which has linked with the national ‘Future Farmers of America’ (FFA) organisation to open up opportunities for high school students to study medicine.

The collaboration between the University of Oklahoma Medical School and the FFA links into a state-wide project to provide specific skills in rural living (particularly in agriculture) to high school students.


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Recruit & Retain: an EU approach

If you haven’t already seen this video, be sure to spend the time to watch it.

Recruit & Retain is an EU initiative to understand and improve recruitment & retention of rural public sector workers – from firefighters to GPs.  NHS Western Isles is a major player in this collaboration between the northern EU countries (with lots of novel approaches evident from our Scandinavian colleagues) and close links to institutions such as the Northern Ontario Rural Medical School in Canada.

The video speaks for itself, the initiative also has a website at http://www.recruitandretain.eu


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Featured Video: NZ Rural Practice

This video from Country99TV offers an in-depth look into the challenges of rural practice in New Zealand.

Uploaded in February, it offers a fresh, but realistic account of the attractions of rural medicine, and highlights some of the approaches taken to improve recruitment to these areas.

Kudos to the GPs involved in making this feature.  There is often some reluctance to engage with television companies, but this one presents the situation very effectively.


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Dot.rural aims to bring together researchers from a wide range of disciplines, in order to explore the digital challenges and opportunities for rural communities across the UK.  Based at Aberdeen University, they have focused on five channels: Accessibility & Mobilities, Healthcare, Enterprise & Culture, and Natural Resource Conservation.

They have recorded presentations and documents from their seminars and made them available as videos – worth a look.

One particular presentation from their Healthcare channel has a very direct relevance for future remote and rural medicine.  Alasdair Mort, Healthcare Research Fellow, has been working on ways of using technology to improve the prehospital emergency response, and seems to have a very pragmatic view of the challenges experienced in this field.

His presentation is available on the Dot.Rural website here (turn the volume up and fastforward a minute)… plus there is a YouTube video below with further information.


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Portable Head CT Scanning

Access to CT scanning has risen in importance, particularly with the tight timescales for stroke thrombolysis.  However, scanners still have a relatively high cost, in many cases too much for smaller community hospitals to justify (or have space for). This means that stroke patients can only achieve thrombolysis if rapid identification, assessment and transport to mainland facilities are available.

Yet rural populations often have a larger proportion of patients who are at risk of cerebroembolic events, to the extent that such presentations can be considered common.  The challenges of accessing CT facilities were raised in a recent article in the Scottish Medical Journal (Todd & Anderson, 2009)

So it’s interesting that the Summer edition of the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine includes an article about the use of portable CT head scanners.  These are lower in cost, require less space and – as the article highlights – potentially more feasible for the community hospital setting.

So what does it look like?  There are various videos on YouTube but most are quite dated.  The best I could find was this video about similar scanners which are used for paediatric imaging in the USA.

If/when we emerge from the current cutbacks, perhaps this is on the horizon for our rural hospitals, stored next to the portable Xray machine?!

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Rural Opportunities in Scotland

NHS Education for Scotland has released a new DVD about opportunities for various healthcare careers within rural areas.  It’s part of the Remote and Rural Healthcare Educational Alliance (RRHEAL), an initiative to improve training and development of healthcare teams across rural Scotland.

The first part of the video focusses on dentistry; there are subsequent interviews with Charlie Siderfin (GP Postgraduate Tutor, Orkney), Chris Williams (GP Trainee, Orkney) and David Sedgwick (Consultant Surgeon, Fort William).  If you can’t see the video below, you might need to visit this page on Vimeo.

The next round of GP Rural Fellowships – ideal for recently qualified GPs – will be released soon on the NES website.  You can read more about these fellowships here.

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