Want to be a Rural GP?

Rural general practice is a stimulating career choice.

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Loch Torridon, Scotland

Whilst every GP practice is different, being a rural GP offers the opportunity to work in some stunning locations, whilst using a wide range of skills and being able to practise true continuity of care.  Work is more likely to be required in the prehospital, community hospital and transfer environments, and this requires extended skills such as emergency, intermediate and palliative care.  Even still, much of the work is core general practice like any other GP practice in the UK.  Living in a smaller community, with more on-call and reliance on healthcare professionals, brings specific challenges but can also offer fantastic levels of personal and professional satisfaction.

Maybe you are a school pupil, or coming to the end of your GP training and looking at the next step.  Perhaps you are already an established GP but wanting to take a change of career direction… we hope that these pages will help you find the next satisfying challenges of your professional life.

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